Felicity Belfield Music Trust Felicity Belfield Music Trust


The 'Felicity Belfield Music Trust' was formed in 1990 by Felicity Belfield MBE to provide orchestral instruments.

The policy of the 'Trust' is to enable students to have an instrument worthy of their musical aptitude.

Most students are recommended by their teacher as being worthy of a better instrument than they can afford.
Subject to approval, the 'Trust' then buys (or shares the cost of) a suitable instrument for loan to the student, which must be returned when he/she reaches 25 years old.

Anyone up to the age of 21 years old may apply. Evidence of musical ability and need for financial assistance will be necessary. The 'Trust' will consider financial assistance towards music courses that further musical ability and/or orchestral skills.

With an application form we will require a recommendation from your teacher.

When a student leaves school, the situation will be subject to re-evaluation.

If the student is progressing to further music studies then the instrument may be kept until the student is 25 years old upon which time the instrument must be returned or bought from the 'Trust'.

This may be arranged in easy stages, but not over more than 5 years.

To date the 'Trust' has provided :-
• Bass Clarinet   • Cor Anglais   • Oboe   • Trumpet
• Bassoon   • Double Bass   • Piano   • Tuba
• Bow   • Flute   • Piccolo   • Viola
• Cello   • French Horn   • Saxophone   • Violin
• Clarinet   • Guitar   • Trombone    

The 'Trust'  is unable to provide harps, electronic instruments or financial assistance for students studying music at university or college. However the Trust will consider assistance towards the cost of short music courses to assist with musical ability or orchestral skill.


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